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DynaWest Engineering Ltd. (DWEL) is committed to a health and safety system that protects our workers, others including contracted employers who enter onto our property, and the general public. The employer, supervisors and workers at every level are responsible and accountable for the company’s health and safety performance. Active participation by everyone, every day, in every job is necessary for the health and safety excellence that this company expects. Health and safety excellence includes the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, psychological, and social well-being of all employees. Our goal is a healthy, injury-free workplace for all workers. By working together, we can achieve this goal.


Through the Environment, Health and Safety programs, DWEL management will:


  • Strive to identify, assess and manage the environmental aspects and impacts associated with the services and products we provide.

  • Strive to identify and manage the environmental, health and safety risks and hazards our employees are exposed to.

  • Help our employees develop an awareness and understanding of the environmental, health and safety issues relevant to their work.

  • Strive to comply with legislation, regulations, and appropriate industry standards.

  • Monitor and enhance the system through inspections, audits, reviews, investigations, corrective actions and other processes.

  • Encourage internal and external communication regarding environmental, health and safety issues.

Management provides direction and resources, and all personnel are accountable for DWEL’s environmental, health and safety performance.


All employees, visitors and contractors are expected to understand and comply with the policies and procedures in the Environment, Health and Safety manual, applicable legal and regulatory requirements, and industry codes and standards.


DynaWest Engineering Ltd. is currently an associate member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association and we have received a Certificate of Recognition from the Alberta Construction Safety Association. Our Health and Safety Program has been audited and approved by Avetta, ISNetworld as well as Complyworks.


Our team members have completed the following training related to Health, Safety and Environment considerations:


  • Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA) Regional Orientation Program

  • Construction Safety Training System (CSTS) by the Alberta Construction Safety Association

  • WHMIS 2015

  • H2S Alive / Confined Space Entry

  • First Aid Certification

  • Fall Protection

  • Respiratory Protective Equipment

  • Arc Flash Hazard Awareness

  • Electrical Safety Training System (ESTS)


We have developed a Safety and Loss Control Manual that was developed for and is to be used by all direct employees of DynaWest Engineering Ltd. It applies to the office as well as on-site engineering activities. The purpose of this manual is to provide the rules necessary to generate safety awareness among all employees and to prevent both their’s and the company’s exposure to hazardous situations and property loss. This manual is both a reference and training tool. It is to be used in the absence of or as a supplement to existing client safety standards. A copy can be readily provided upon request by our clientele. This manual is audited and updated on an annual basis to exert the maximum effort to achieve one of the company’s primary goals – Ensure the health and safety of all employees.

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