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DynaWest Engineering provides fully integrated engineering services for resource-based industries, manufacturing plants, public infrastructure and government sectors. DynaWest Engineering is based in Edmonton, Alberta and is an energetic consulting engineering company led by a highly respected team of professionals, each with many years of experience in their relative fields of practice.


We strongly believe that the quality of engineering services provided has a direct correlation to the quality of our relationships with clients and staff. We pride ourselves in being approachable and responsive to our clients’ needs. By addressing client and personnel needs with the utmost care and attention, we work to ensure the entire team has as much support as possible to be successful. This approach has allowed us to attain the highest level of proficiency and success in achieving the final goal.


DynaWest Engineering is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe community and workplace. To this end, our Safety Program and Quality Management processes support safety in design and the well-being of its personnel and contractors in the workplace. Our Safety Program has received a Certificate of Recognition (COR) from Alberta Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour in additon to registrations with Avetta and ISNetworld.


DynaWest Engineering is led by a unique Leadership Team that is a group of individuals with strong credentials in various fields of expertise. This team has repeatedly proven successful by their ability to collaborate and share a passion for innovation with aspirations to finding effective and economical solutions for projects. The Leadership Team share a common vision for the company's future and is a driving force for development; they are steadfast in their commitment to agility and responsiveness to clientele. The Leadership Team is part of the project delivery group and as such strive to maintain consistency and standardize services to our clients.


DynaWest Engineering's quality policy is to achieve growth by providing services that consistently meet or exceed the needs and expectations of its clients. The objectives of the Quality Plan is to maintain an effective and efficient quality management system, ensure compliance with relevant statutory and regulatory requirements and promotes innovation and creativity resulting in effective economic solutions.

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