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HVAC / Plumbing System Development

DynaWest Engineering provided preliminary and detailed design of HVAC & Plumbing Systems for Commercial (e.g. Offices, Labs, Control Rooms, Educational Facilities, Maintenance Buildings) and Industrial facilities (e.g. Classified Process Plants, Blast Resistant buildings, Compressor Rooms, Gas Turbine Power Plants, Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants, Boiler Rooms, and Oil & Gas Plants).  The projects included Scoping Studies (Conceptual Design), DBMs (Design Basis Memoranda), EDS (Engineering Design Specifications), FEED (Front End Engineering Designs), Detail Design.

HVAC Systems Photo 1.jpg
Photo for Maintenance & Sustainable Proj
Maintenance/Sustainable Project Implementation

DynaWest has been involved in various maintenance projects or sustainable implementation projects for various oil sands operations and refinery operations throughout Alberta.  We have been involved in pump replacements, debottlenecking implementation, exchanger replacements, tank replacements, piping and valve replacements, conveyor upgrades, breaker upgrades, chute and gate modifications. DynaWest also assisted with operation improvement strategy implementation.  We have assisted various clients such as Suncor Energy, Petro-Canada,  Canadian Natural Resources Ltd., Syncrude and Husky Energy. 

Chemical/Process Manufacturing 

DynaWest has provided preliminary engineering studies, feasibility studies and detailed engineering design, including tender and construction support services, for various chemical manufacturing facilities.  We have provided multi-discipline consulting engineering services for upgrades, retrofits as well as expansion projects for clients such as Agrium, Heidelberger Cement,  Air Products and Prospec Chemicals.

Material Handling Photo Mar 30_21.jpg
Material Handling

DynaWest Engineering has provided preliminary and detailed design engineering services for a variety of material handling projects for mining extraction processes, seed handling facilities, cement manufacturing facilities as well as waste management facilities.

Electrical Substation Design & 
E-House Additions

DynaWest has been involved in various projects where we have provided engineering and design support for Substations and E-Houses. We are working with Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage and Manufacturing customers to provide power system designs for plant expansion, retrofit, and reliability improvements. We deliver greenfield & brownfield substation projects. We work inconjuction with our structural department to deliver Substation Steel Structure Design, Foundation (Pile and Concrete) Design, Site Grading & Drainage Plans. We provide Design, Retrofit & Modernization of exisitng Substations and Relay Settings, Substation Plans and Elevations, Ground Grid Study & Design, Equipment Specifications, Procurement Support, Open-Air, and Metal-Enclosed Switchgear, Lightning Protection, Construction Support, Load Flow, Short Circuit, Coordination and Arc Flash Studies​, Motor Starting and Transient Analysis, Medium Voltage Distribution and MCC & VFD Power Distribution.

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instrumentation 3.jpg
Instrumentation and Controls 

DynaWest has provided various Instrumentation and controls related services to our oil & gas and petrochemical clients.  This included design and procurement of control panels, instruments and DCS/PLC panels, HVAC control panels, Wireless systems,  Process Control Instrumentation & Metering Skids, Process Analysers, Fire and Gas Systems & ACMV Systems, SIS panels, EHT sensors, Telecommunication and Access Control Systems, CCTV, PAGA and Intrusion Detection Systems, Access control systems and Asset Management systems.

Civil/Structural Upgrades

DynaWest has provided various civil and structural consulting engineering services including site drainage/site grading design, site services design including stormwater, sanitary sewer, potable water, natural gas, fire water and power.  We have provided concrete foundations and assisted with screw pile designs, building structure design, oversee pre-engineered building designs including blast resistant buildings, miscellaneous structural steel supports for various equipment, piping and cable trays.  DynaWest has provided various access platform designs as well as monorail, jib crane and assistance with overhead crane designs.  We have been involved in the design of modifications to the existing structural framing and superstructures to accommodate additional mechanical, electrical, HVAC equipment loads on a variety of industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities.  Structural analysis was performed with the use of S-FRAME software as well as manual calculations, where required.  DynaWest has completed field assessments and inspections as part of the evaluation of existing structures and detailed reports were prepared and submitted summarizing our findings. 

Photo 1 Civil Structural Projects.jpg
Central Heating & Cooling Systems
Central Heating System.jpg

Preliminary and detailed design for upgrades as well as new design for central heating and cooling systems for a variety of public infrastructure projects.  Entire heating system was as-built and connected; demand was verified. Mechanical calculations and P&IDs were prepared to pinpoint areas of concern. Heating system testing procedure was developed and implemented which allowed to verify the system operation and issues. DDC-based BMS system was developed and all critical equipment was connected to the BMS panels. This allowed central control, monitoring and early detection of malfunction or failure. Preliminary engineering report was prepared with viable options for improvement. Upgrading the existing equipment ensured that current heating demand is being met, there is spare capacity in the system for additional facilities, and energy consumption is reduced in the shoulder season. DynaWest Engineering's team also provided construction and commissioning support, prepared ITP to assist the client and their contractors in verifying the system operation and troubleshooting.

Condition Assessments 

Assessment of HVAC, Plumbing, and Fire Protection Systems for Commercial and Industrial Buildings.  Assessments included Visual Assessment, Operation Inspection, Recommended Actions with Pros and Cons, Expected Asset Life (per ASHRAE’s EUL Guidelines), Preventive Maintenance Logs review, Budgetary Cost Estimation for recommended upgrades, and Summary Report with Photo Record.

Condition Assessment Photo 2.jpg
Feasibility Study.jpg
Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies for Commercial and Industrial facilities for infrastructure expansions including HVAC Systems and Plumbing Services assessment. Studies included Heating & Cooling Load Calculations, Area Classification studies based on the ventilation degree per NFPA code, and historic load analysis of different types of utilities such as water, power, and gas services to estimate the required upgrades to meet new client’s needs. 

Mobile Equipment Maintenance Facilities

DynaWest Engineering provided preliminary and detailed engineering design for mobile equipment maintenance facilities for heavy haul trucks, dozers, track equipment and shovels for a mining operation in northern Alberta. We provided civil, structural, mechanical, piping, electrical/instrumentation and controls design services as well as construction and commissioning support.

Heavy Equipment Maintenance Photo Mar 30
Diesel Loading Facilities.jpg
Bulk Diesel Fuel & Lubricant Dispensing Systems

DynaWest Engineering provided preliminary and detailed engineering design for mobile bulk diesel fueling and lubricant distribution systems for heavy haul trucks for a mining operation in northern Alberta.  We provided civil, structural, mechanical, piping, electrical/instrumentation and controls design services as well as construction and commissioning support.

Emergency Water System Upgrades

DynaWest Engineering provided a quick turnaround of detailed design for the replacement of the entire existing potable water distribution system for the entire facility including safety showers, eyewash stations and piping distribution amongst 12 buildings throughout the plant site.  Replacement included, piping, valves, fittings, emergency safety showers, eyewash stations, alarm integration, electric heat tracing and power requirements for the system replacement.  We provided construction support as well as commissioning support.

Photo Seed Handling Facility (Food Proce
Food Processing Facilities

DynaWest has provided various consulting engineering services for various food processing facilities, including operational improvements, introduction of new processes such as packaging lines and assistance with the design and implementation of pilot plant operations related to production.  We have been involved with specialty crop seed production, extraction processes, meat processing facilities as well as the pet food industry.

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