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DynaWest Engineering Ltd.’s quality policy is to achieve profitable growth by providing services that consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers. The objectives of DynaWest Engineering Ltd.’s’ Quality Management System are:


  • Maintain an effective and efficient Quality Management System

  • Achieve and Maintain a level of quality that enhances the Company’s reputation with our clientele

  • Ensure Compliance with relevant statutory and regulatory requirements

  • Increase productivity

  • Promote innovation and creativity resulting in effective and economical solutions



DynaWest Engineering Ltd.’s Management will continually develop and maintain our Quality Management System and provide resources and training required for its implementation. Management is committed to reviewing and improving work practices on an ongoing basis. Our Quality Assurance Procedures and Policies outline quality assurance activities undertaken by DynaWest Engineering Ltd. It will be used internally to guide the company’s employees through the various requirements in order to ensure customer satisfaction, continual improvement and provide the necessary instructions to create an empowered team.


Our Quality Procedures and Policies will be reviewed on a regular basis and updated based on input from the following:


  • Results from Project Audits

  • Lessons Learned feedback/input

  • Clientele Feedback

  • Preventative or Corrective Actions status

  • Issues or Actions from previous Management Reviews

  • Changes that could impact the Quality Management System

  • Recommendations for improvement from clientele and staff

  • New or revised regulatory requirements


Our Quality Assurance Program outlines our Professional Management Practice Plan and each team member’s responsibility for developing, maintaining and improving our quality of service. The program identifies procedures for change control and document control. It outlines basic engineering and design standards and provides direction for identifying non-conformance, corrective and/or preventative action measures. Our program outlines how internal and external audits will be conducted including input from DynaWest Management and team members allowing for continual improvement and streamlining our efforts. A copy of our Quality Assurance Manual is available to our clientele upon request.

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