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DynaWest Engineering Ltd.’s Electrical and Controls team has highly qualified individuals that are capable of performing Engineering and Design in following areas: 

Engineering Studies: 

  • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

  • Distribution capacity planning studies

  • Distributed Energy Resources (DER) impact

  • Load Flow and Short Circuit Studies on any voltage levels 

  • Protection and coordination studies

  • Contingency scenario analysis

  • Network‐wide protection analysis

  • Network optimization: loss reduction and improved reliability

  • System harmonic content analysis

  • Capacitor Bank sizing and loaction optimization 

  • Long‐term dynamics using wind and PV insolation models

  • Voltage sag mitigation 

  • Load balancing study 

  • Motor acceleration study 

  • Contingency Assessment and Restoration

  • Load Flow Contingency

  • Protective Device Analysis and protection settings 

  • Microgrid Modeling and Analysis

  • Dynamic Motor Starting Analysis

  • Network Disturbance Assessment

  • Volt/VAR Optimization

  • Optimal Voltage Regulator Placement

  • Optimal Recloser Placement

  • Transient Stability Analysis

  • Equipment sizing and identification of abnormal operating

  • Detailed modeling of any on‐site generation: photovoltaic,
    diesel, wind, gas, etc.

  • DC backup (emergency) and safe supply systems

  • Motor starting analysis and drive system specifications

  • Power quality problems assessment and filter design

  • Sizing of generation facilities for islanding operation.

  • Voltage collapse studies

  • Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS), STATCOM and Unified Power Flow Control (UPFC)

  • DC Hi-Voltage Transmission line modeling

  • Transmission and generation system steady‐state and transient analysis

  • Ampacity and temperature rise calculations for power cable installations

  • Detailed cable modeling

  • Assessment of remaining life of cables

  • Current dispersion simulation to design and test multiple ground grid variations

  • Heat Trace Calculations


  • New and modifications of existing ground grids

  • Electrical layouts 

  • Wiring schematics

  • Equipement selection and installtion detail drawings

  • 3D substation modeling 

  • EHT skids 

  • PLC  panel design for process control 

  • MCC, LV/MV Switchgear 

  • Fire and Gas detection System

  • Lighting 

  • Building Automation System

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Medium Voltage Engineering

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Substation Design

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High Voltage Engineering

Renewable Energy: 

  • Solar farm and Wind farm feasibility study based on data analysis

  • Solar farm design and specifications 

  • Solar farm detailed modeling and simulations 

  • Wind Energy presence stochastic analysis  

  • Wind farm design and specifications 

Electrical Circuit

Low Voltage Power Distribution and Controls 

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